Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have Press. Will Travel.

Have Press. Will Travel.

Drive-By Press is a completely mobile printmaking studio built to promote the growth and democratization of art through printmaking.

Drive-By Press was created to bring the practice of printmaking to schools, groups, and communities with out the facilities or printmaking backgrounds. This fall our journey across America begins on the East coast where we will be printing with Peter Gorfain, Cannonball Press, and Dennis McNett at the Pratt Institute in New York. Later, we are also set to print with Jenny Schmid in Minnesota, Michael Krueger in Kansas, John Hancock in Texas, Kurt Kemp in California, and hopefully you! We will promote the artists work we print with on both local and national levels. Drive-By Press will support artistic education in the communities we visit while traveling across America by working with students and showing them various printing techniques. Our plan is to exhibit the prints we pull at the Southern Graphics Conference in Kansas City in 2007.

Cannonball Press

Just when you thought we pulled out all the

The folks who brought you the incredibly
successfulPrints Gone Wild print fair give you:

Another bad-ass print show by Cannonball press

Featuring the 13 foot Donkey Basketball Woodcut
Equestrian Statue!!!!!!

Opening reception
Friday, November 10th, 6pm—10pm

Show run: November 10th—November 25th

Supreme Trading
213 N. 8th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

World Kings of scruffy pirate black and white
hillbilly printmaking, New York’s legendary
CannonballPress return to Supreme Trading with a huge new
pileof limited-edition prints, new sports-related 4x8
footwoodcuts, a 200 square foot collaborative woodcut
Demolition Derby Franken-banner, and a Ginormous
donkey basketball statue!!!

For seven years, Martin Mazorra and Mike Houston
havebeen publishing high-quality limited-edition
relief cuts and silkscreens, and are proud to represent
the following masters of grumpy, soulful, scabby,
charged printmaking:
Jenny Schmid (Bikini Press Int’l), Nicole
Schulmann(WWIII magazine), Davin Watne (the guy who makes
the car crashes with animals), Maya Hayuk, Bill Fick
(Cockeyed Press), Mike Ming, Dennis Mcnett (Howling
Print), Lump Lipshitz (Lump Gallery) and many

Come out and get yours!
Th best affordable art in town, guaranteed.

International Fine Print Dealers Association Fair.

An Utagawa Kuniyoshi print from about 1845, at the International Fine Print Dealers Association Fair.
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Published: November 3, 2006

You can have all your precious paintings and drawings. Prints — gorgeous, infinitely varied, shockingly affordable — are really where it’s at. Or at least they are this week with the International Fine Print Dealers Association Fair back in town. With more than 90 dealers from Europe, Japan and the United States, the show must set some kind of maximum occupancy record for the Seventh Regiment Armory. For sure, it is packed to the max with art, and something for every taste.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weston Teruya

I just got back back from San Francisco and I have to say what a wonderful day it was. There were so many people out today. It was a beautiful fall day. There also were a lot of tourists around. I've never seen SF so packed before. Anyways the main reason I went was to check out my friend Weston Teruya's show at the Patricia Sweetow gallery. You must go see his work in person if have not already because it's simply amazing.

Here is a link to his newly updated website: Weston

Link to the gallery: Patricia Sweetow

Weston Teruya drawings are the crevassed psychological space of nightmares. His beauty forms unbalanced columnar symbols, chaotically poised for collapse. The surface of Teruya's drawings are sourced from his own drawings, cut and collaged in a new composition. The reconfiguration of symbols interacts to create unexpected new meanings. His ideas were drawn from the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall nested in the midst of Los Amigos Golf Course, where Weston worked with juveniles in detention for various offenses. Teruya observed that the protected status of a juvenile population is in direct contrast to the invisibility of this same population to public oversight. Teruya's drawings describe the issues of power, invisibility, and protection.

"I am interested in collecting and collapsing the signals and objects of exclusion, separation and leisure. These images typically define and reinforce spaces of privilege through the creation of sites of control. The work is a speculative exercise of sorts. I am particularly interested in suggesting new fictive configurations which imagine new social possibilities or frustrate present political realities."

Weston Teruya received his MFA from California College of the Arts in 2006. He is in his second year of the Visual Criticism program at CCA to be completed in 2007. He has received the Murphy-Cadogan Fellowship Award from the San Francisco Foundation, and the Yesland Prize Exhibit Award from Magic Theatre, San Francisco. His work was recently reviewed in Art Forum, Critic's Picks, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Artweek, and San Francisco Weekly. Teruya has a solo exhibition scheduled at PSG Oct/Nov 2006.