Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Printmaking Opp.

JOB #1775
August 2006

Founded in 1907, California College of the Arts is the largest regionally accredited, independent school of art and design in the western United States. Noted for the interdisciplinary nature and breadth of its programs, the college offers studies in eighteen majors in the areas of fine arts, architecture, design, and writing. The college confers the bachelor of architecture, bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, master of architecture, master of arts, and master of fine arts degrees. With campuses in San Francisco and Oakland, California College of the Arts currently enrolls fifteen hundred full-time students.

CCA is looking for a pool of instructors to teach courses on a semester to semester basis in the Photography and Printmaking Programs, starting in spring 2007.

Printmaking class possibilities include: Relief Print, Etching, Lithography, Bookmaking, Screenprint, and Monotype.

•Prior College-level teaching experience in the specific disciplines covered above.
•Exhibition record and familiarity with contemporary practice.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest with statement of teaching philosophy and examples of syllabi, curriculum vitae, slides or CD of applicant’s work, and two professional references with phone numbers. All inquiries and application materials should be directed to:

California College of the Arts
Human Resources (Job #1775)
5212 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94618-1487
fax (510) 594-3681

The review of applications will be ongoing and materials will be kept for future possibilities unless applicants indicate otherwise. The priority deadline is October 1, 2006.

California College of the Arts is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes
applications from individuals who will contribute to its diversity.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm back again. Yes, back to the real world. Today I went to San Francisco to pick out my new studio which I won't be able to move into a week after school starts because it is still being constructed. I hope I picked the right one, but they really are all the same to me anyways. I met a woman who is also in the printmaking department. She seems really nice and seems to have also had the similar problems that I have had with the school. But, I feel like I am not as upset anymore, and I am glad I can focus on my work without all those negative feelings. The other students seemed really nice, and they were really kind to each other. It's obvious that they bonded really well last year which is a different feeling I had from my previous class. The Printmaking department BBQ was also today, so I got a ride back with M. I grabbed some blueberries and snap peas at safeway. I was nervous going back to the school because I had such a bad year with bad memories, but Nance was nice at welcoming me back and so were Greg, Tom, Betty, and Jack. I forgot how humorous Jack is and it was fun to be around him. I hope this year will be better. I feel like I'm making the right choice, but when it comes to signing the papers, it worries me. I also met Heather...finally. She seems really nice, and I look forward to working with her throughout the year. Heathers' teacher was Kurt Kemp, and she's a "dirty" printmaker.

Anyways, I've decided to start another blog for Skopelos which will be ongoing because it will take a long time to write. Here's a sneak peak:

christo Posted by Picasa
I helped set up for our welcome dinner. BBQ chicken, pork and various Greek dishes were served. The food was spectacular. We were eating for hours. The wine came out the sunset, and we had ourselves a party. Some Greek music was playing and soon before we knew it, we were dancing like posessed Greek spirits. I don't remember much after this except Christo went to get his Rooster and was dancing with it on his head. Then Christo did a solo dancing femme which was just hilarious. There was loud laughter, shouting, dancing, and music. It was a great night. The first word I learned in Greek?....Penis. Christo kept singing about his or mens penises. We were just floored with laughter. While all this was going on Jills husband kept pouring more and more wine in me, and kept offering cigarettes. I was exhausted by 2am, and made it back to my bed where I passed out with a grin on my face.



Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hey people,
I made it to Skopelos and it is beautiful. Can you believe they use donkeys to pick up garbage instead of trucks. There are chickens running wild and kittns and dogs are everywhere. We arrived last night and were given a proper welcome. We got kisses and hugs and a welcoming meal. BBQ chicken and pork and various dishes. Absoluutely delicious!!! Then we sang songs and learned to dance the greek way. I'm preety good! Our hotel is at the top of the hill and overlooks the sea and the town. My little room has a kitchen and a wonderful view.
The printshop is out of this world. It is the largest one I've ever been in. There are two etching presses, and a huge litho press. The view is also incredible from the printshop. As soon as I walked into the printshop I suddenly felt joy and became highly inspired. I even beveled my plates with unusual care! We had breakfast in the printshop and had an orientation to Greek life. Then Linda showed the students how to bevel the plates. It was all we could take today because all of us had a crazy hangover. Too much wine. So, now I'm in the town. It's remarkable here. I'm so glad I came. I hope to write more, but right now I still have a hangover, and am extremely tired. Siesta time for me.