Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hey people,
I made it to Skopelos and it is beautiful. Can you believe they use donkeys to pick up garbage instead of trucks. There are chickens running wild and kittns and dogs are everywhere. We arrived last night and were given a proper welcome. We got kisses and hugs and a welcoming meal. BBQ chicken and pork and various dishes. Absoluutely delicious!!! Then we sang songs and learned to dance the greek way. I'm preety good! Our hotel is at the top of the hill and overlooks the sea and the town. My little room has a kitchen and a wonderful view.
The printshop is out of this world. It is the largest one I've ever been in. There are two etching presses, and a huge litho press. The view is also incredible from the printshop. As soon as I walked into the printshop I suddenly felt joy and became highly inspired. I even beveled my plates with unusual care! We had breakfast in the printshop and had an orientation to Greek life. Then Linda showed the students how to bevel the plates. It was all we could take today because all of us had a crazy hangover. Too much wine. So, now I'm in the town. It's remarkable here. I'm so glad I came. I hope to write more, but right now I still have a hangover, and am extremely tired. Siesta time for me.


Lisa said...

What a delightful image of wonder and excitement! Skopelos sounds intoxicating (even without the alcohol). Can't wait to see your prints on the blog.

Nels said...

You Irish never did know when enough was too much! HA! And - what's even more, not like St. Patrick's Day was enough, now their even having "Irishfest" here in La Crosse. I can see that making Oktoberfest looking like a tea sippin' party!

Well, at least one of your eyes must not be totally bloodshot if you can see what incredibly beautiful surroundings you must be in. Be sure to post some pics for us to slather over - please?

phantompanther said...

All I can say is that I am jealous! Soak it all up and then show us all the results! Have fun and remember the food you eat- I want some new Greek recipes!

sophia said...

What a life, what a beautiful life.
I interned at the Hui for a month and now work full time for the Press, editioning and so on, totally crazy! think of you because Paul is from Crown Point.