Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Horst Janssen

Horst Janssen (1929-1995) was introduced to me by Joel. His art lies deeply within my heart. I spent the most part of Fall 2003 reading his writings, and was captivated by them. I will be writing more about him throughtout the year, as I plan to go back and read his writings again. His book are so rare to find, and a lot of them tend to be in German. I can't help but look at some of his work and notice how a lot of artists today are working similarily to the way he worked.

Art Work


marja-leena said...

How interesting to see his name! You may like to see the site of a museum in Germany named after him:

I had some work in an exhibition there last year (http://www.oldenburg.de/horst-janssen-museum/index_en.html), which was the first time that I'd heard about this artist!

marja-leena said...

Oops, sorry, I see you have that museum link already! A sloppy reader I am!

But thanks for the other links to his images - I like them too.

Mandy said...

Did you go to the museum itself??? I was in N. Switzerland last year and wanted to make it up to Oldenburg, but I was too low on funds to make it up there. To my suprise it is very expensive even to fly easyjet into Germany. While I was working in a hotel in Ireland, I met an art professor from Germany, and she was telling me all about him. Aparently she had studied him quiet a bit, and was very amused that a little American knew about him. I think the difference in the art world in the US and Europe is very interesting. I've heard that a lot of Canadians prefer to got to Europe than the US, so I feel like I miss out on a lot of great artists that I have not heard of.
Which pieces of work did you have in the exhibition??? By the way, I love the new series you are working on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey M.
I am so happy that your little american self amused another art prof... I used to have an exhibition catalog of H.J's prints. Some student type has it now but you should search one out. It is filled with his writing as well. My printmakers are now assigned your blog. I no longer have to teach because you ae doing it for me. Thanks JE


Mandy said...

Hey JE,
I'm trying to save up for a Janssen book I found online. It's $72 which is a lot, but I think it i worth it.