Monday, June 19, 2006

Francesco Clemente

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Francesco Clemente:
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Article in Circa

Categories: Allegory, Neo-expressionism, Transavantegarde.

Italian-born artist, Francesco Clemente, is part of a group of Italian artists that returned to a figurative style of painting in the 1970s. Clemente draws from a multitude of sources, from Roman and Indian civilizations to astrology. Clemente's paintings and prints are highly personal and subjective; he often creates his images from memory

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ainesse said...

I too like Francesco Clemente - I admire his inventiveness and his aesthetic. I came across this image in my Printmakers Techniques book by Ross and Romano.

In that, the description of the technique used by him, to make the work, it said WOODCUT.!!

Does anybody know how he might have gone about making this work - which to me has all the subtle and gorgeous qualities of watercolour .???

Mandy said...

Well I did a little research and I think I have the answer. I think he used the solvent technique that was developed by Carol Summers. The artist needs to cut the block fairly deeply about 1/4 inch. After cutting he places an uninked block in a register frame , lays a piece of woodcut paper down on it, and rolls a thin film of oil-based ink right on the back of the paper with small rollers. He inks seperate blocks in registration in this manner, essentially inking and printing in one operation. When all the blocks are printed and the ink is still wet, Summers sprays the whole print with a thin film or odorless paint thinner, using a garden mister or a Pre-val spray bottle. The colors run together slightly, given a watercolor effect to the printed image.