Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cannonball Press

There is a really interesting article on Artblog about a printshop called Cannonball Press in Brooklyn, New York.

The philosophy of Mike Houston and Martin Mazorra of Cannonball Press: "Inclusiveness and cooperation always get you further than elitism and exclusionism. By this age, I better have figured that one out. We think it's ridiculous that art is so costly. We understand fully why it is, but still think it's ridiculous. Printmaking has the capacity to be the people's medium—the democratic art. We believe in this strongly and are just thrilled that so many different people are able to afford what we make."

It's inspiring to know that printshops like this exist in America. While I was in Europe I saw many of these types of printshops opening up. As the contemporary art world moves forward in the direction of becoming inaccessiblee to the common people, it's inspiring to know that artists are thinking differently and are putting their values first.


profJ said...

Hey MF
Do a little digging into this Mike Houston guy, quite an interesting background.

Mandy said...

PJ, bloody interesting fool!!! Must meet him at some point. I've gotta get to New York sometime, so that I can meet all these interesting people.

Did you ever teach him??? I'm not sure how old he is. Maybe you know who did teach him.

Take Care....fluff gigs forever.

general gow said...

i checked out cannonball's website on oyur recommendation the other day. really interesting concepts and work. what ia great group. i really like what theyare doing. thanks for this, it's one of the better ones.

profJ said...

Hey MF

So you want the real scoop on Mike Houston?
I just posted it on my blog - see you there.