Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Prints

I forgot to share with you some prints that my little sisters did. Last time I was home I taught my little sisters how to do woodblock printing. It was really fun to see what their reation would be to a process like this. My older sister (13), who is very much like me, loved carving the wood, and she carved a lot of woodcuts, but when it came to printing she wasn't all that excited. Infact she didn't print a lot of them. My younger sister(9), is happy go lucky type of person, and thoroughly enjoyed both processes, but I think she enjoyed printing the best. She became very experimental during the printing process. It was so much fun teaching them woodcut. I think it is something all kids should learn how to do.

No blood involved in these prints




A said...

i added you on myspace.

lost said...

well done, mandy. i have a confession....i don't remember ever doing a woodcut.