Thursday, December 01, 2005

My friends

Here are a couple links to my friends at CCA. Both Weston and Michelle were in my class. I'm kind of sad that I don't get to see them much. Michelle is in the printmaking program and we had studios next to each other. We shared a bathroom and kept booze in the shower. It's amazing to see how their work has progressed in the past semester. I really need to crack the whip on myself. As soon as I get back from Ireland, I'm going to have to fully submerge myself into producing art. I've spend the last few months researching, sketching, thinking, but I now need to take all that is within myself and explode onto paper. I really need to get stuff done, and push myself more. I was looking back on my sketch books from the beginning of my grad experience and have realized how much my mind has grown, and my artistic sense has grown. I feel a lot more confident about contemporary art. I feel like I understand things a lot more now, and wont feel like an ousider. I'll be ready to go back as long as I make work!


Michelle Carlson


wes said...

Hey Mandy!

We miss you too! You have to come by the house sometime to hang out again. Much love.


Anonymous said...


I miss you too!!!!! Its not the same without you. You better be coming back. Dont make me come pee on your bicycle again. You're going to Ireland???? Bring me back something Lepracaunish. lets eat Korean food soon. phone me.


Linden said...

2 lovely prints and obviously great friends too! Don't under-estimate the energy you gather during the sketching, thinking and researching phase of printmaking, and thanks for reminding me! Its been an extended phase for me...

general gow said...

i've been sketching and thinking about my latest project for months. it's getting there. that process and time is essential for a fully realized work, i think.

great work by your friends. i love it.

sophia said...

Hi Mandy,
Your blog looks amazing, i checked out your profile, and the bands you like, BLOW ME AWAY!!! you are awesome; you left a note on my blog,
you can add it to your links, i am just learning about this blog stuff so it might take me awhile todo the same!
love love, and more love,

Mandy said...

Thank you all. Such kind words.

These past months have been so great, and I'm started to feel a lot more connected with people and the blog world.

jjkemp said...

hey mandy,

katherine and i went to with Walker yesterday and saw the a few awesome shows. i was checkin out the future exihibitions and i see that the Kiki Smith show is coming to the Walker in Feb.!!!

I cant wait to see it.

hope all is well. i agree with sophia, your blog is fuckin amazing.

i started a blog too.