Saturday, August 12, 2000

Printmaker Stories

I enjoyed reading this article from the worldprintmakers website about Canadian printmaker, Audrey Feltham and her husband, Jim visiting Maureen Booth in Spain. There are brief diary excerpts from Audrey about her experience travelling to the remote town where worldprintmakers is located. Some of them are very funny. She also mentions a technique Maureen taught her of some prints that she had done using a collograph technique that employs a metal-based epoxy glue.
I didn't know anything about Maureen, but now I am fascinated with her life and what she is doing. It's so amazing that these kind of people exist in this world.

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Anonymous said...

Hey M.F.

Since you are into the other WorldPrintmakers as well check out all of their galleries... its a good group, that often calls printmakers to submit works for peace and other worthy causes.