Sunday, April 09, 2006

Jude Griebel

In Jude Griebel’s paintings and prints, elements of storybook narrative and adult experience are combined to create scenes that have a foothold in both the real and imaginary. Regarding his work, Griebel states: “I am interested in how youths are able to project their imaginations onto domestic and everyday spaces, transforming and doubting the familiar. It is this state of questioning, anxiety and nostalgic wonder that I attempt to translate through my painting.” The costume has become a repetitive theme in his work as a tool of transformation, disappearance and disconnection from reality.



marja-leena said...

Oh, I'm so surprised to see Jude's name and work here!As I'm sure you know, he's a Vancouver artists. I know him slightly from when we was doing some work in our print studio, as an assistant printmaker with a master printer. I like his prints more than his paintings - naturally!

Mandy said...

I saw his image on a postcard for an upcoming exhibit. I wish I could view more of his prints; they are hard to find on the internet. I was drawn to this image because it got stuck in my mind. It's hard not to look at it.