Sunday, April 09, 2006

My new work is heading in this direction. I was happy to find this artist. She uses all different types of printmaking methods to make these installations. Mine will be more figurative, and I plan to incorporate celtic designs as a code for mapping the memories in my life of the different places I have lived. I am interested in how immigrants memories are different to most people because we have two seperate lives. It's kind of like a parallel universe in the way that our lives have been spliced into two, yet we are still connected to both worlds. What I was doing last semester at CCA was creating memory images out of maps that I had found of my past. I was particularily drawn to the London maps. So, I projected the maps onto large sheets of paper and drew narrative out of the patterns of the maps. It looked really cool. Now I am working towards creating my own maps still using the original maps, but turning the pattern into celtic form. The narrative that I am drawing out of the pattern is more interesting and complex.

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