Thursday, May 18, 2006

David Lynch

During my first semester at CCA some of my viscosity work was compared to some prints David Lynch made. What an honor..I thought. I primarily know him as a great film maker, and I knew that he had done some art, but I didn't realize at that point that he had done some printmaking. It was a great suprise to me. There's a great little story that Prof. J tells us about a student who tried to chine cole an actual mouse onto paper (don't worry folks...I'm pretty sure it's a LIE), but rumor has it that David Lynch actually did that. I'm afraid my naive little self does not believe this rumor, but if anyone can clarify things better for me that would be great.

He worked for a while at Madison's Tandem Press:
Lynch describes his painting as a process of action and reaction. During his three visits David Lynch created 118 different images-monotypes along with editioned prints and photogravures. The works are mostly monochromatic. They have a deliberately primitive and crude quality, which results in works of great beauty. He includes words in many of the images, which are intended to start the viewer thinking about the works, but he also sees the words as forms, shapes, and textures.

In a talk that he gave in 1997, David Lynch described how he felt about the process of printmaking: "It has the same sort of excitement as when you go to the photo shop to get your pictures back. Even though you took them, they never come out exactly the way you see them through the camera. There is always some sort of surprise, and that's the way it is with printmaking. With action and reaction exciting things begin to happen."



A said...

his work is awesome

Nels said...

I can see why "a" would like David Lynch's prints. Much in the same style.

Your passion for printmaking and its' study is always inspirational.

No, unfortunately I haven't heard from Kimmie yet. Sure do wish I would.

GoPP might also be someone prior to our time frame in the printshop. However, between the two of us there is quite a chunk of time spent there. How many semesters did you have there before I showed up?

mandy said...

I believe I was in the printshop for two semesters before you, but my baby days don't count because a lot of people left after that semester. Today I remembered something though. There was this big kid called Buck in my baby class who I almost beat up one day who left a message on the greenboard once about a ghost coming to the printshop, but I don't think he knows Kimmy so I'm sure it's not him. You know just about everyone that I know, but I'm sure it's a guy. Maybe you can get a hold of the golden pages and look back to see if there was any creative guy writing stuff in it. WE WILL FIGURE THIS OUT!!!!

sophia said...

David Lynch!! oh my gosh, printmaking rocks this wild world!

profJ said...

Gezsssssss you little slackers. We talk about David Lynch every semester and his work at Madison. Your brother the Rhino worked with him ( I think Morty and Andy might have also) and has stories of the experience. Here is Rhino's email - write him and plead for him to post some "chicken head" stories.

Ryan Varley said...

Yes, the information is true about David Lynch. He is a freak of nature, sir psycho, much like our dear Joel. He was at Tandem, but I did not work with him. I do, however, own a print of his that may be the exact one on the site. Photogravure of a some sort of plant in Joshua Tree national park. While he was in madtown he did prints of such things as chickens (real) run through a press splattered on some super thick hand made paper in the mill on the university, inked up baby dolls run through the press (I have a slide of that one, pretty crazy), and woodcuts and such of dogs (Birth of the Geek, I believe it was titled, I have slide of that one too).

Lisa Hunter said...

I'm also surprised, and yet not surprised, that Lynch was a printmaker. A great director needs to have a strong visual sense. I hear screenwriters complain all the time that they want to direct, but most of them can barely match their pants and shirt.

profJ said...

Geeeszzzzz Mandy:

We all wait each day for new words. Or are you in Germany watching the Cup?