Saturday, May 06, 2006


After getting a comment on my blog from Caligo Inks, I did a little bit of research. This Printmakers material blog has published some interesting information on Caligo Safe Wash Etching Inks and the Aqualine Inks. This blog makes me laugh. Sometimes I forget that there is a human behind our supplies. I like what he has to say about this past years conference in Madison. I think you can only get the Caligo Safe inks from graphic chemical, so I might just give them a try. I'd like to take a bunch of different inks with me to Greece to play around with them. I've also been advised to try Daniel Smith's inks too by many different people.

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Anonymous said...

Lawrence's also have quite a good waterbased ink selection but I still prefer to use the oil based inks but with non toxic solvents. Good old vegtable oil gets rid of a lot and there is this great orange oil (a natural solvent)called Zest it! that cleans safely and leaves everything smelling lovely, what more could you want.