Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 3

My New Studio

The new Hooper 2 graduate studios are now built, and I started to move in today. To my dismay they were not drywalled or painted for that is left up to us. You can imagine all the grumblings about this one. Anyways, I grabbed a bucket of paint and just started painting.

After the first coat, I realized that I would need at least two more layers of paint, and a spackle job. I'm not sure where everyone was, but I was the only one in there painting away. Maybe they didn't realize they could be in there, but i didn't care; I just went ahead and took over my space.

I had a lot of fun doing the spackle actually. After a spackle job and a second coat it actually looks pretty good. Tomorrow, I'll give the rest of the walls a second coat.
The Hooper 1 building got broken into last night and a bunch of expensive video equipment was stolen from some peoples studios. I don't understand why people steal from each other especially poor art students. Anyways, I'm going to have to be careful with my stuff because we don't have doors on our studio's (we're not allowed them) at least the building door is kept locked.


Lindy said...

Hi Mandy! Your studio looks great! Ours are just sections of the old IXL building which you can say have lots of character, but there is years of paint on the floors in a speckled mess and layers of crusty paint on the walls! I have to paint my walls too - the tin of paint is sitting there waiting for the right moment.. Are you doing an honours year? Best of luck - I'll be interested to read about what you are doing!

A said...

sweet studio i hope it goes well

Mandy said...

Hi Lindy,
Yes, I must admit is it pretty sweet to have a brand new studio. I finished spackling and painting esturday, so now I better get to work and start producing some prints. I'm not doing an honors year. They don't have that here. Good luck to you too. What school are you going to?

Mandy said...

Hey Delaware,
Hope Athens works out for you. WHy did you move there? Are you taking classes?

A said...

my gf is going to grad school for sociology

i'm just working crap jobs