Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Year Planned Out

Yesterday was my first day at school. I began by taking my Thesis seminar class with Ted Purves. This is going to be my schedule for the next year.

September: Begin writing experiment for thesis.

Complete 1st section/chapter of thesis in draft form.

Candidacy reviews during first part of month (errr!!!)
First draft thesis section due to thesis advisor. 12-15pgs.
December: Rough draft of Thesis due to thesis advisor.

Christmas Break: Copy of rough draft due to faculty advisor.

January: Review of rough draft with thesis advisor. Changes and additions made.

February: Submission Draft of thesis due.

March: Thesis due
Final reviews

Spring Break

Early April: Open Studios

Early May: Thesis Exhibition. All theses should be signed and recieved by Graduate office prior to graduation.

What a wake up call for either a year of hell or a year of growth....perhaps much of both. Creating art has to be put somewhere in here also.

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