Thursday, February 01, 2007


Dasha Shiskin "Sausage Princess Dies and What it means for the Folks", 2005 Etching. Edition of 400, 18 x 24 inches

Glad to see that IPCNY winter prints are up for viewing. It's always interesting to see what is "hip" with the "Art/Print" world. A great aspect of this web page is the ability to know who actually makes their own prints and who goes to a press to get them published. Even though you all know my preference is of course for prints made by printmakers, I still like to see how close printers get to making the prints look as close as possible to the artists original work.

My favs are:
Ghada Amer, Enrique Chagoya, Nicholas Conbere, Robert Creighton, Klara Glosova, Daniel Heyman , Yuji Hiratsuka- (this guy is everywhere), Meejin Hong, John Jacobsmeyer, Max Liboiron, Serena Perrone, Carrie Scanga(really liked a lot), Dasha Shishkin(one of my favorite upcoming artists), Kiki Smith (never fails to dissapoint).

People who I wish would go away: Kota Ezawa...well he's the only one I really know about and I wish his work would go away...some people just know how to play the game right.

A lot of the other artists I don't know, and can't guess by looking at their work what they are trying to say, and quite frankly don't care enough to do research about it.


Dawn said...

Hey Mandy,
How's everything going?
I noticed Nicholas Conbere is in the exhibit. He's a grad student here at the U. I've met him when I was in printmaking class last year. It's nice to see someone you know in a major exhibit.

sophia said...

New Prints!! I just got the email for 2007, but I was looking at 2006, and Nicholas Conbere is just so awesome! Look for Sandow Birk in 2007 new prints, we are working on finishing the edition right now and then they will open in San Fran in May!! Can we maybe hang out and catch up, when I come to town?