Monday, February 19, 2007

Lisa Kokin

Lisa Kokin is a bay area artist of whose work I really like. I especially like her book collages. If there was ever a way of showing you what hip bay area art is, it would be this lady's work. I have been noticing for a couple of years now that the most fashionable art is made up of junk from thrift shops.
You have to check out her webpage because it is one of the best artists web page I have ever some across.

"In my never-ending quest to find different ways to eviscerate books, I stumbled upon the book collage. First I find a book which interests me, either for some element of text, image or marginalia, or for the look of the book itself. Sometimes I remove some of the pages and glue and/or sew the book open to the particular page of interest. Other times I remove all the pages and use the inside covers as the collage surface. I build upon what initially interests me by layering images and text from the same or other books, found photos, and other small objects, using a variety of collage and transfer techniques. Often I scrape away and dig into the surface as well. Many of the books have sculptural protrusions and extensions because I feel that the shape of books shouldn't be limited to a rectangle"-Lisa Kokin


general gow said...

oh my word. that is beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

You should check out new Orleans artist Karoline Schleh-- saw these and was immediately reminded of her.

Love your blog!
-Brian H.

Anonymous said...

whoops sorry here's the site-

bye now! -Brian