Monday, April 23, 2007

Julio Valdez

Julio Valdez's printed oeuvre attests to the significant role that printmaking can play in artist's career. Since1988, Valdez has made nearly 50 editioned prints, at least as many related proofs, and over 100 monotypes. His experimental mixture of techniques and openness to new processes continue to expand his creative program and the technical range of his work in all mediums.

Check out Julio Valdez website. It has a force of its own!

Essay: Surface and Symbol:Julio Valdez and the Printed Image


peggy koenig said...

The force and beauty of Mr. Valdez's work is amazing. Seeing his work- especially his prints- in person would be such a treat. The essay you linked hints at some interesting printing techniques and possibilities to research. It also offers a wonderful glimpse of the energy and inspiration found in collaborative efforts/projects. I'll be exploring his website further for others gems. Thanks Mandy, for offering another artist to be inpsired by.

profJ said...

Hey Mandy:

You and a friend are personally invited.

Friday, April 27 from 8:00 TO 10:00 P.M. (EST)

University of Albany/University Wisc. LaCrosse Exhibit

An Online Student Exchange Printmaking Exhibition featuring the images produced by Spring 2007 intro (baby), intermediate (adolescent) and advanced (post adolescent) printmaking students under the instruction of Brian Lynch (University of Albany) and Joel Elgin (University Wisc. LaCrosse ) (grown up Univ. of Iowa Printmakers)


Sorry, because of University budget problems you will need to supply your own food and drink. Dress as you desire.

jenny said...

VERY glad I found this site...looks like tons of info. I can really use.

Alvaro de Salvo said...

Dear Mandy, I was surfing your BLOG and I bumped up with Julio Valdez. Hes been teaching a COntemporary Art Workshop here at Proyecto´ace Argentina. He is an amazing person.

Best, Alvaro.