Thursday, April 05, 2007

Print Zero Exchange

Print freaks...time again to get ready for the annual print zero exchange!!!!

Hello Printmakers,
It's time for the annual Print Zero Studios Print Exchange #5.
Last year we had 285 printmakers from 18 countries participate,
and the show traveled to 4 states. We thank you for your past
participation and hope that you will once again take part.
Now onto the prospectus.

Welcome to the Print Zero Studios Print Exchange V.
At this point we have at least 2 confirmed exhibitions.
Thank you to the Florida Printmakers who will be hosting
at the U of Miami. Thank you also to Sev Shoon Arts Center
and BallardWorks who will be hosting in Seattle.

All prints will conform to the following guidelines, any prints that
do not fit these criteria will be returned to the artist (No Exceptions).
- Prints must be created with an original printmaking process
(etching, litho, silkscreen, woodcut, etc…NO strictly digital prints)
- Paper size of 5"x7"
- Edition of 15 prints (Print Zero Studios will keep 2 prints from
each edition for archiving and exhibition)
- There is no assigned theme
- Submission Fee of $5.00 (US participants) $7.00 (International participants)
This will cover return shipping costs, we will provide postage/envelope.
- Submissions must be RECEIVED by June 15, 2007

Ship prints to:
Print Zero Studios
Attn: Brian Lane
323 North 105th Street, A-2
Seattle, WA 98133
Check the website for updates and information. You may also download
the prospectus and view previous print exchanges.

Jeremy Cody -
Brian Lane -
Lisa Hasegawa -

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Anonymous said...

mandy mandy mandy....I DID NOT KNOW YOU WERE INVOLVED IN THIS!!!

Did you do the exchange last year?
Fill me in on what the hell you are up to.