Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Intaglio Simultaneous Color Printmaking

Krishna Reddy

I bought this book last year, and did a couple experiments out of it. This is the most fun process for me to do. Every time I pulled a print, I had no idea what was going to happen. Sometimes it looked awful, and other times I was amazed by the crispness of the colors. I usually work figuratively in a narrative manner, but sometimes just doing abstract work is the most fun.

So, I've decided to work with this book again. I have left over zinc plates from last year (I prefer to work in copper), that I'm going to cut up. I hate using the cutting bed at school because it is damaged and not straight. I usually end up with dents along my plates. I'm going to start going to the jewelry shop to cut my plates which is across the campus, but it's worth it.

Lately I have been looking a lot at old Irish ruins from 3300BC. I like this mythical Ireland site. Most of the sites are from the west of Ireland which is where I am from. These sites remind me a lot of my family members in Ireland. My family is extremely superstitious, and I swear half of them would not go to these sites in fear of being cursed. My Grandmother lives in the country side and somewhere around there there is a faerie circle. As a kid, I would always search the fields for it since nobody would tell me where it was. One time I ran into a bull, and I almost died right there of heart failure. I never did find it, and to this day nobody will tell me where it is. Apparently there was a neighbor who had a child that stumbled upon the circle, and she decided to move one of the stones. According to legend the mother, father, and child died. The extended family lost everything they owned, and nobody wanted to marry any of them.

So in this spirit, I shall make myself some new prints.


marja-leena said...

Lovely story of your Irish roots! Have saved the link to explore, thanks. Have you seen this site called Ireland LIght, Body & Soul?

Mandy said...

I looked at the light, body, and soul website and thought it was just great. I love the photographic style. Justin captures the essence of the stone so well... it gave me goosebumps. I'm going to use these as a spring board, and forward the link to a couple of people.... Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thiught you might like this printboard