Friday, July 29, 2005

Peggy Koenig

London Studies 1

Images from graduating students of the Masters Printmaking course at Camberwell
College of Arts.

Peggy Koenig is one of my printfreak friends who went to London to study Printmaking. Peggy is having the time of her life in London. She just graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in her MA in printmaking, and she is going to continue studying for an MA Fine Art Theory and Practice program at Middlesex University in London.

A recent find for Peggy has been a printmaker named Kim Westcott. Kim's work is very bold and textural. Peggy's been experimenting with a technique of hers where she sprinkles powdered pigment directly on to an inked plate prior to putting it through the press. Kim used a hydraulic press with 10k lbs pressure for this process, so Peggy was pleasantly surprised to get any kind of results from a simple etching press. The print above (London studies 1)uses this technique; Peggy said "although it doesn't show up to well on the image it does look quite nice in reality." There is a book available, titled 'Kim Westcott',and here's a website for Kim Westscott:
Kim Westcott


Anonymous said...

Hey printfreak:
check out Kurt Kemp's prints. I have told you of him before but think you need to see them again.. Then go visit him.

Mandy said...

I should be punished for not seeing him sooner. Perhaps you will make me stand in the corner as you did when I was a baby.

Don't worry, I will go visit him. I have so many questions that need answers.