Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Swietlan Kraczyna (Nick)

The study of color etching workshop is held in Barga, Italy every summer and is taught by Swietlan Kraczyna (Nick). Last summer I was able to go visit him. The print shop itself is very small, but is set in the most romantic town in Italy. Nick teaches an intensive mutliple color class which lasts for about a month. Everyday the students do many color drills. There are three people in each group. Each person has etched their plate to ten different horizontal levels of etch. Each person then takes one of the primary colors, yellow, red, and blue, inks their plate and then it is printed wet on wet with each plate rotated during the printing process. This gives us 100 different colors. They also learned to use transparency which is mixed with the the ink to give varying levels of saturation. The then continue to do a subtractive print in this way, and finally a finished print using all the techniques they have used.
Nick calls his methods "working in color not with color."


2nd Floor Gallery said...

Is there a way to get ahold of Swietlan? I own 1 of only 5 of the Stravinsky walts series and would like to talk to him. We lost contact for years. my email address is thanks for any help!

Jesse Boardman said...

I worked with Nick (kraczyna)last summer, here's his email:

If anyone's interested in the course mentioned email him. That is the only way to get information and an application for his phenomenal color etching course.