Thursday, July 28, 2005

Viscosity experiments

This is one of my viscosity experiments from last year. I wanted to capture the texture and color of the rocks that bedazzled me while I was in Italy last year. The color is very intense and I'm not sure that I like it all that much. It would have been better to have more value. Since this was purely an open bite, I wasn't able to control the value. I do like the texture and the suprising areas where the color settled. As I said before, my new prints are based off of Irish ruins, so I hope to pull in the colors that remind me of Ireland, so lots of deep greens, splashes of crimson, deep yellows, blues. I guess in the past I have been influenced by the bright colors of gypsy (tinkers/travellers) caravans, the rustic colors from the Book of Kells. When I was about eight years old my dad bought a gigantic Book of Kells. It was as big as my body and very heavy. I used to spend hours and hours just looking through it on the weekends for many years. I used to get lost in the knots, and laughed at the strange men and animals that had large spooky eyes. The animals were twisted up in knots and some animals were biting other animals' necks. I think this is why I am so interested in strange imagery today and bright colors.

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Ellen Shipley said...


I really like this, particularly the green. It looks like virdigris on copper, with the red being iron oxide. Perhaps its the open bite (flat bite?)that gives this impression, like holes eaten in metal.

Wht is the green you used?