Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Artist Proof Studio-Johannesburg, South Africa

My friend Nels is currently in South Africa to observe and learn new printmaking
techniques. He is also there to try an be an liason between Prof. Joel Elgin (our printmaking instructor at UWL) and the local art community in order to set up a print exchange to showcase african art at an exhibition at the university. Exciting stuff indeeed! So, since he hasn't sent any photo's yet, I thought it would be fun to follow him visually on my blog. This way I can feel like I'm there too!

The first printshop he went to see was the Artists Proof Studio in Johannesburg S. Africa. The Artist's Proof Studio relocated (after a disasterous fire in a location across the street) into a refurbished bus manufacturing factory refurbished to be an art center. It has become a "home studio" and resource centre for artists from disadvantaged areas in and around Johannesburg. With its state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff, APS offers intensive training programs in printmaking and organizes exchange programs with local and international printmakers. In 2004, Zuva Gallery partnered with APS to provide top printmaking students premier exhibition venues at Zuva's galleries in Johannesburg and Scottsdale. Each show is launched at Zuva Gallery in Johannesburg and run simultaneously at Zuva Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

APS Mission

The mission of the studio is to provide an environment of excellence for artists to develop printmaking as a democratic and accessible medium of expression.

Artists Proof Press

The South African Development Fund

By the mid eighties, political repression in South Africa had reached new heights. The apartheid government was involved in activities to suppress the democratic movement and in committing the myriad of human rights violations now coming to scrutiny under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Thousands of South Africans fled into exile, and the international anti-apartheid movement was established.

The South Africa Development Fund was founded in 1985 by exiles living in the United States to help the oppressed majority of their country. They were joined in this effort by Americans active in the civil rights and anti-apartheid movements. Originally called "Fund for a Free South Africa, (FreeSA)", the organization became a vehicle by which U.S. donors could show their solidarity with South Africans struggling for political and social justice.

South African society has changed, but the legacy of apartheid policies will take many years to undo. Millions of people still live in makeshift shacks without electricity and clean water. An entire generation grew up without a decent education resulting in widespread illiteracy and massive unemployment.

The South Africa Development Fund is working closely with a number of non-governmental organizations that treat social and economic rights as full human rights. The programs have been implemented to ensure that South Africans have the ability to fully participate in the democratic process, the right to a safe and healthy environment and the opportunity to pursue education and employment.


Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg provides opportunities for disadvantaged artists to study printmaking and papermaking in a cooperative environment.

To donate money:
The South African Development Fund


Lisa said...

Incredible printmaking studio - sounds like a great partnership to allow some great printmkaing to occur! -definitely bookmarked the Zuva Gallery webpage. ...awesome experience for Nels!

Anonymous said...

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Samantha Souffle said...

(from another South African artist) the making of magic explained. 33 edition of CONSTELLATION RABBIT prints high in the sky.

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