Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Royal Temple of Ireland

Ancient "Royal Temple" Discovered in Path of Ireland Highway
National Geographic News
James Owen

Artifacts unearthed at the site include a stone axe head, a pottery fragment, and an ornamental pin. An ancient buried dog was also excavated nearby.

Archaeologists say the monument probably formed part of an important ceremonial complex centred on the Hill of Tara, where remains date back to the Stone Age.

Archaeologist Joe Fenwick of the National University of Ireland, Galway, described the Hill of Tara as Ireland's equivalent of Stonehenge or Egypt's Pyramids.

National Geographic


profJ said...

They had better re-route the road Mandy. I want to see this site!

Lisa said...

Fascinating site!

Makes me wish time travel was possible.

I can't believe people are actually thinking of still building the highway...they must be completely bonkers...would be criminal to destroy this site!

mandy said...

Prof J.....they had better reroute it or I'll come out and box some ears. I also want to see the ancient buried dog. I don't know what it is about the Irish and their dogs!

Lisa....I'm afraid Irish roads are extremely dangerous, and the need for a better infrastructure is most important. Unfortunately, many people die on Irish roads every week, but I still do not think it's a good excuse to pave over lost history. I don't think they'll build a highway over it. I believe that there is a law forbidding it.

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