Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Exhibition: University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and University at Albany

My beloved Professor Joel and his Lynched friend have set up an online exhibit between the two universities of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and University at Albany. It's a very exciting opportunity for the L.Mob to get together and check out what each other have been doing.


While graduate printmaking students at Iowa, Brian Lynch and Joel Elgin, took a course in the Art Museum/ Gallery Theory and Practice. The Prof, who flunked them both had no clue that the future would allow for internet based exhibits. This exhibition brings together Elgin's students from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse and Lynch's students from the University at Albany . We encourage the students from both institutions to comment on each other's images in order to create a dialog from the East to the Midwest. We encourage any reader/viewer who wishes further information on the exhibit or programs to comment under this post to LynchBaby or Beloved Prof Joel.

For further information on... Lynch please go to:

Beloved Prof Joel:

Please visit the UWL Printfever blog to connect with current printmaking activity and to see the prints of UWL alumni:

Special thanks to BlogBitch Becca for her hours spent collecting and posting images.



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